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NUnit or Visual Studio Test?

Mar 31, 2011 at 5:54 PM

For those who downloaded my source code, you probably noticed that my unit tests are notoriously missing. That is because my previous unit tests were not well structured. I want to give us a chance to have a refresh start. Unit testing is going to carry this project. That comes to the question whether we should use NUnit or Visual Stuidio Test.

The upside with Visual Studio test is that it is well integrated with Visual Studio. The downside is that I have to clean up the test results from time to time and I am not sure it would run in Mono.

As for NUnits, to debug into the unit test code, I have to attach VS to the nunit runner process; not a pleasant experience. Visual Nunit plug-in barely works. I could probably get a free open source license from JetBrain or TestDriven.

I am leaning towards NUnit as DLR already works on Mono so there is not reason we should not try to make VBScript.NET work on Mono, but I will listen to suggestions.

Mar 31, 2011 at 6:46 PM

Apart from all the answers from StackOverflow, let me feed back to my own questions by looking into the reason behind the following recent high profile switches:

NLog switched to MSTest from NUnit The main reason is other .net platforms such as silverlight and .net compact.

IronPython switch to NUnit since it is no longer an MS project.

CSLA from NUnit to MSTest

The good thing is that switching between them appears to be fairly easy.